The Power of Love

Day 30: 

Today’s powerful word is probably the easiest one I’ve had to choose over the last month. Today, Steve and I have been married for 42 years – and our love is deeper and stronger than it’s ever been.

He looked a little scared that day – we both were.


But we were smiling, too. Excited for the new life we were going to build together.


Our life has been filled with love and laughter, heartache and healing – all the normal things a couple endures when two people decide that the vows they take are sacred, the rings they exchange truly represent a love that has no end.


The love we have for our children and our grandchildren is more powerful, more amazing, and more encompassing than anything we could ever imagine.

In a little more than three weeks, we’ll add another son (in-law) to our family. And in the years to come, we hope that we’ll be blessed with even more precious grandchildren — more people in our family to love.

But it all began with two very young hearts, one dream, and a big promise to love and cherish for a lifetime.


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