The Beauty and Power of Nature

Day 29: 

I knew when I began my “31 Days of Powerful Words” that at some point nature would be one of my words. I never dreamed that Mother Nature would deliver the dangerous perfect storm scenario now playing itself out along the east coast.

In southeastern North Carolina, we were lucky–although the ocean did get angry.

This photo taken at Wrightsville Beach is an example of what continued to worsen, especially moving up the coast. Thanks, Barbara Grice, for sharing.

I sit tonight and listen to the forecast for the northeast, see the pictures of a storm just starting to release her fierce power on the most heavily populated part of our country, and I send prayers and best wishes for safety and inner peace to all those in the storm’s path.

Nature is powerful, and it can be destructive.


This  April 16, 2011, tornado leveled the Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Sanford, NC. The picture was taken by a local journalist just before the tornado destroyed his home and many in his neighborhood.


But even in destruction, nature can be beautiful.

Snow that breaks limbs and causes power outages, but lies softly on the ground and in the trees.


Spring flowers.

Fall leaves.

Thunderstorms, mountains, butterflies and beaches. Glistening cobwebs. Sunrises. Sunsets. What is your favorite gift of nature?

I challenge you to take time to know nature—spend time outside, listen for the whippoorwill call in summer, the cicadas song at night. Find a place beyond the glare of street lights and watch the moon rise above the trees, the stars punctuate the night sky.

You’ll feel nature’s awesome power, even in the simplest experience. And it can change you.

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