Persistent Sandpiper Power

Day 21: 

We spend a lot of time during the summer sitting in the sun and just watching the birds feed. The pelicans fly low across the top of the water until they spot their prey, then soar up and divebomb down.

Seagulls are scavengers. Sometimes I think they know when we take out food, even when we try to hide it. They’re always waiting for a handout. And even if you don’t see one, try tossing one bit of food in the air – many appear out of nowhere, hovering and jockeying for position. Ready to eat.

But the sandpipers are the most fun to watch – darting in and out in the edge of the waves, waiting for the sandfiddlers or other small crustaceans to be revealed. They catch them in their long narrow beaks, then while the waves are still out, rinse them in the shallow water before eating them.

They’re very persistent. Back and forth, back and forth, always staying just ahead of danger. They never get hit by the waves or have to resort to flying to stay safe. They have impeccable timing and dogged persistence. We could learn from them.

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