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I believe in the power of words.                  Newest me

With almost two decades of professional writing experience, I can put words to work for you in the following areas of expertise:

• Creative writing
• Editing
• Journalism

Words can clarify or confuse, motivate or misfire. Their effectiveness and power—whether written or spoken—are generated by the quality and presentation of usage.

Words are our weapons in the war against mediocrity.

I began my professional writing career while in the undergraduate English program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. My first poem, first short story, and first magazine article were all accepted for publication.

While working on my MFA in creative writing at UNC Wilmington, I scared myself wordless when I chose to write my creative non-fiction thesis from the viewpoint of teenage sailors manning America’s newest, biggest, fastest and most technologically advanced battleship in the Pacific during World War II. I had never really liked history, but I fell in love with the men and the stories they told. The book proved to be a difficult but rewarding task.

I launched my journalism career as writer, editor, and publisher of a community newspaper. I added a quarterly equine magazine, allowing me to combine my passion for horses and writing. I advanced the newspaper publication from antiquated cut-and-paste layout to computer generated design and layout with electronic delivery to the printer. We also developed a website, launching the paper’s first online presence.

Those years honed my interviewing, writing, and editing skills, while teaching me how to multi-task writing projects and meet tight deadlines with quick turnarounds. I enjoy writing articles about special people and places that touch the hearts of my readers.

Journalism also taught me how to write more succinctly, so that when I returned to finish my graduate degree and write my thesis that would become my first published book, Boys of the Battleship North Carolina, the words carried the power that made the story come alive.

I have since written and published an epistolary novel, 600 Letters Home, a story of love and sacrifice during WWII, and a romantic suspense novel, Edge of Sanity, that tells the story of young mother struggling through adversity in the 1960s.

I have an eagle-eye for grammatical errors and strive to make every word count. Word choice is paramount to good writing.

I would love to hear about your projects and how I can use my skills and training as a writer and editor to help you reach your goals.

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